If I could just fix this...

If I could just fix this...

| October 25, 2018

As a financial advisor, when markets correct, I often say to myself "if the market would just act rationally, or start to rise again, then...I would be less stressed, relieved etc..."  Upon reflection, I realized people's attitudes about their life situation often come from a place of "if I could just fix this....then I would be happy, fulfilled, relieved (fill in the blank)." 

As an exercise, try replacing the story of "if I could just fix (fill in the blank)" with "I am currently grateful for..."  Many people's natural inclination is to focus on what is wrong rather than what is right.  The recent market selloff forced me to question my own attitude about what needed to be fixed versus what I was already grateful for. 

I am grateful for:

1) The fact that my golden retriever greets me happily everyday I come home from work (regardless of the market!)

2) My health

3) The love, support and happiness that my family provides

4) Client's trust in our approach and process when it comes to managing their wealth

Try shifting your focus and find one thing you are grateful for each day.  You will be amazed how your perspective changes for the better.