How We Help You

Our job is to help improve people's relationship with their money. To do this we must first understand what money does for them. In other words, money isn’t an end to itself -- it offers people freedom from working or an independent lifestyle or a legacy. We help people transform the relationship they have with money to minimize fear, anxiety or uncertainty. We do this through a process called Plan Your Way.

Our team makes things simple and clear, so you can feel confident.

It starts with a customized financial plan centered on your goals, concerns and blind spots. In going through the planning process, our team understands all aspects of your financial life, including assets, liabilities, income, expenses, insurances, tax returns and estate planning documents. We then provide recommendations across all area of your financial life, including cash-flow and net-worth analysis, investment planning and asset allocation, tax reduction and deferment, retirement planning, estate planning and risk management.

Our team then implements your plan by providing you with an asset allocation and ongoing portfolio management, which aligns with your financial plan. We revisit your financial plan each year to update it based on changes to your life situation, goals and the market environment. You also have continuous access via your personal financial website, which includes a holistic overview of your financial life.