Questions to ask yourself

November 12, 2018

One approach to solving a problem is to boil the issue down to its simplest component parts.  We are so busy in our daily lives running on a treadmill that we rarely stop to think about what is most important.

When it comes to what we do for our clients, my answer would be to provide them with a sense of peaceful prosperity.  Our clients, we hope, at a minimum feel that in working with us, they have less worry and feel a certain confidence in their lifestyle choices.  At best, they feel free to live exactly as they want with no financial stress at all. 

If you have anxieties or stress around your financial situation, ask yourself two questions:

1) What is the most important goal in your financial life right now? 

2) What is the biggest pain point related to #1 that if resolved would give you peace of mind? 

Continue asking these two questions until you feel like you get to the heart of the issue.  For example, for one couple, it might be, 'our biggest goal is to have peace of mind around our retirement?'  The biggest pain point might be the feeling of uncertainty over future spending in retirement.  Once you accurately define the problem, the solution often arises intuitively.  In many cases, the initial anxiety or stress you thought was of importance was really only a surface level issue.  By going through this process, you are a step closer to freedom when you can isolate the root issue.